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Mark Justad – Limbaugh and the Usual Misogyny

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There is, I suppose, a modicum of satisfaction to be had in seeing Rush Limbaugh being criticized — and seeing the criticism “stick” — by voices on the left and the right for his slanderous and offensive ad hominem attack on Sandra Fluke.  Of course we all know that offending is his schtick, his MO, […]

AMSA XIX: 2011 Frankel and Board Scholarship Winners Announced

The Loren Frankel Student Scholarship Fund was established in 2005 to support students engaged in the critical study of men and masculinities.  This endowed scholarship fund was fully funded in 2006 and its proceeds are used each year to support a deserving student presenting at AMSA’s annual conference. Applications are judged on the scholarly quality […]

AMSA Board Member Mark Justad: Congressional Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”–Who is the “Real Man” Now?

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The repeal of DADT is a significant milestone for our nation with specific positive implications for those who are gay and wish to serve (or have been serving) in the military. How many of us thought, “not in my lifetime, buddy”, when it came to the notion of sexual minorities serving openly in the U.S. […]

AMSA 2011 Conference Proposals Now Being Accepted Online

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The online submission process for submitting proposals for the 2011 AMSA Conference in Kansas City is now active.  For more information, and a direct link to the online proposal submission portal, go to the Call for Papers section on the 2011 AMSA Conference Page.

AMSA President Robert Heasley On “Male Studies”

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Robert Heasley, President of the Board of Directors of the American Men’s Studies Association, is featured in two recent online articles (Inside Higher Ed, discussing the idea of a discipline called “male studies” and its relationship to men’s studies and “feminism” broadly speaking.  The New York Times picked up the discussion and featured it […]

AMSA Board Member Mark Justad: Men’s Changing Attitudes on Sexuality

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As noted in the NYTimes and elsewhere, a recent Gallup poll on Americans’ take on the moral acceptability of gay and lesbian relations indicates that our collective attitudes are changing. AMSA members may be most interested in noting that men’s attitudes have changed significantly in just the last few years. According to the poll, 62% […]

AMSA Annual Review, Volume II Call for Submissions

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS American Men’s Studies Annual Review, Volume II, is a blind refereed, online collection of manuscripts and other media representative of the scholarship/creativity presented at our conference. This is a significant project for AMSA as it creates a scholarly archive of selected work presented at AMSA conferences and allows for public access to […]

2010 AMSA Conference Final Program Now Available

Don Levy and the Program Committee have completed the final 2010 AMSA Program.   See you in Atlanta. 2010 AMSA Conference Program (pdf)

2010 Class of AMSA Board of Directors Announced

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The Board is delighted to announce that the individuals below have been elected to the AMSA Board of Directors for the 2010-2012 term. We had a strong slate of candidates and our thanks go out to all of you who participated in the election process.  AMSA is, of course, a volunteer organization and we cannot […]

AMSA XVIII – Professor Mark Anthony Neal to Address Conference

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Scholar and Teacher Mark Anthony Neal will deliver the luncheon address at the 2010 AMSA conference on Saturday, March 27th. His address is entitled “Coming Apart at the Seams: Black Masculinity and the Performance of Obama-Era Respectability.” Professor Neal is the author of four books: What the Music Said: Black Popular Music and Black Public […]