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Mark Justad – Limbaugh and the Usual Misogyny

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There is, I suppose, a modicum of satisfaction to be had in seeing Rush Limbaugh being criticized — and seeing the criticism “stick” — by voices on the left and the right for his slanderous and offensive ad hominem attack on Sandra Fluke.  Of course we all know that offending is his schtick, his MO, if you will, and so most of us have stopped paying attention to him since he makes no attempt to engage in fair and reasonable conversation — the lifeblood of a healthy, pluralistic culture.

Still, given that he retains privileged status among a not insignificant number of my fellow citizens, I am glad to see his extreme rhetoric being recognized for the hate speech that it is.  Of course, after reading his apology, and stealing an observation from a colleague, not only does Rush not understand how contraception works, he clearly doesn’t understand what it means to apologize.  Perhaps with a little practice………

As a student of critical men’s studies and religions as well as an enthusiastic supporter of the National Affordable Health Care Act, this particular series of events has been maddening.  Much to unpack and much to chew on and sadly we are witnessing much more heat than light.

Still, I offer the following in the spirit of AMSA’s foundational commitment to gender equality:  No religious or political ideology that suggests that women are less than capable of making decisions regarding the use and health of their bodies is consistent with a foundational notion of gender equality.  Further, any healthcare policy that does not include a full range of reproductive health services for women and men is both poor public policy and an insult to those who make the choice to participate in reproduction and parenting.

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