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AMSA XXII: Two Pre-Conference Worshops Announced: Global Mascuinities & The Men’s Story Project

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UW-T-bannerThe American Men’s Studies Association announces the addition of two pre-conference workshops to offered at the 2014 Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Men and Masculinities, March 27-29 at the University of Washington, Tacoma. The pre-conference workshops will run concurrently on Thursday, March 27th from 4:00 to 7:00pm. These will be immediately followed by our opening dinner and Scholar-in-Residence Address.

Global Masculinities: A Teaching Workshop – Facilitated by Don Conway-Long

How can we know which aspects of men’s behaviors are cultural or social, and which are from a biological template for being a man? If we claim that gender is a social and cultural construct, what exactly does that mean, when viewed globally? Since the early 1980s, more and more ethnographic work has been produced that gives us a firmer foundation for investigating cross-cultural methods of being masculine, of being a man. This workshop will review pedagogical approaches to this subject, review the multiplicity of materials available for use in the classroom, and review the presenter’s experiences in teaching this subject over two decades. Through this process, workshop participants will gain a sense of how to teach about the forces and factors that produce the wide range of particular masculinities, particular sexualities, and particular personalities out of the raw material of a boy as he is made into a man in a given culture.

The Men’s Story Project: Engaging Boys and Men for Healthy Masculinities and the Prevention of Violence Against Women – Facilitated by Josie Lehrer, Sc.D.

Informed by research on masculinities and movement-building, the Men’s Story Project (MSP) engages men for healthy masculinities, gender-based violence prevention, homo/transphobia reduction, prevention of substance abuse and hazing, and gender equality – by helping groups create live testimonial-sharing events, films of these events, and campus/community mobilization initiatives. MSP productions can be created on campuses and in community-based contexts (e.g., alongside productions of the Vagina Monologues, and as ongoing collectives). The workshop will discuss how to work with men to create personal stories on topics pertaining to masculinities and violence against women – including their experiences with intervening, witnessing, former perpetration, supporting survivors, lessons learned along the way, and who they want to be moving forward. It will also discuss how to film live MSP productions to create locally-relevant educational tools, and how to create an ongoing MSP collective or chapter. Discussion of masculinities and violence will be framed in a public health and social justice context.

Fees for the pre-conference workshops are in addition to regular registration fees

  • AMSA members who register on or before Friday, March 21st will pay $40US
  • Non-AMSA members who register on or before Friday, March 21st will pay $50US
  • AMSA members who register after March 21st (including “at the door”) will pay $50US
  • Non-AMSA members who register after March 21st (including “at the door”) will pay $60US

To register, click here or go directly to Pre-Conference Workshop Registration

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