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“In My Mind: A LGBT People of Color Mental Health Conference” Seeks Abstracts

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3ae08444-023d-4bd9-b0ad-e2b012d5918a“In My Mind An LGBT People of Color Mental Health Conference” to be held October 5 & 6, 2016  in New York City is calling for abstracts for workshops of a variety of forms. The conference this year focuses on recognizing and articulating the mental health needs of LGBT peoples of color through the collective strength and wisdom of clinicians, consumers, academics and advocates to confront the issues affecting these communities, which are often compounded by shame and stigma. Organizations hosting this two-day conference are led by DBGM, Inc. together with a planning committee consisting of representatives from the National LGBT Cancer Network, the US Department of Health & Human Services, Region II, and the Latino Commission on AIDS.   – The deadline for abstract submissions is May 31, 2016

The Conference program consists of two tracks:

  1. Education and information on mental health issues relating to LGBT peoples of color Workshops and panel discussions in this track focus on challenges and difficulties experienced by LGBT peoples of color, paying attention to the emergence of issues attributed to social (family, school, work, church, community), civil and government acts, which include innovative and/or effective interventions and research that address and educate about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of LGBT POC, as well as explore difficulties in capacity-building, and examining best practices.
  2. Wellness, innovations, treatment options/choices for LGBT peoples of color Workshops and panel discussions in this track examine the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of LGBT POC, as well as treatment of various states of illness and dis-ease facing LGBT POC communities. Workshops and panel discussions are encouraged to be innovative and creative in highlighting the latest research findings, complexities related to the prevention, diagnosis, natural history and management of both physical and mental health issues that affect LGBT POC communities. Creative and innovative presentations can include methods such as dance, word expression, and meditation

For more information and to submit an abstract, click here.


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