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2009 AMSA Frankel Scholar Leads Hong Kong Survey On LGBT Acceptance

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Suen Yu-tung in HKAssistant professor of Gender Studies at Chinese University in Hong Kong, Suen Yiu-tung, who was the American Men’s Studies Association’s 2009 AMSA Loren Frankel Scholar, released a survey by the Chinese University of Hong Kong that found that politicians who support gay rights are not viewed negatively by a majority of people.

Seventy-six percent said they would look favorably on those taking a pro-gay rights stance, or they were not bothered either way. About 52 percent of the 1,000 people polled said they would feel negatively towards politicians who oppose gay rights. Only 14 percent of them said they wouldn’t.

The survey also showed that 44 percent of those with religious beliefs and 35 percent of those who held pro-establishment political views said they would view a leader who opposes gay rights negatively.

When he was named the AMSA Loren Frankel scholar in 2009, Suen was a doctoral student in Sociology at St. Antony’s College of Oxford University.

For the full story and audio from RTHK Hong Kong, click here.

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