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AMSA Calls Members to Nominate Candidates for Its 2017 Board of Directors

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Elections for the Board of Directors of the American Men’s Studies Association will be held in November 2016. AMSA is now seeking candidates for election or re-election. Nominees must be willing to serve a three-year term and meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a paid AMSA member
  2. Must have attended at least one AMSA Annual Conference in the past 5 years
  3. Must be actively engaged in one of the 3 areas of AMSA’s focus: teaching, writing, or practice
  4. Must commit to attending the 2017 AMSA Conference in Ann Arbor, Mi.
  5. Must support the mission and vision of AMSA

Interested individuals may self-nominate and are encouraged to do so. If you are nominating another person, kindly verify with that person that he/she is willing to serve. The Board of Directors is especially interested in finding individuals with marketing/publicity experience.

Please include the following information in your nomination:

* Brief justification that provides evidence that this person meets the 5 criteria above

* Brief statement as to why this person would be an asset to the Board (What skills, qualifications, etc. would he/she bring?)

* Biography of person (150-250 words) that can be published with the ballot

Six seats will be open for election. Those elected will begin their terms at the 2017 annual conference in Ann Arbor, Mi. next spring. 

Please email nominations by 21 October 2016 to AMSA Membership Coordinator Don Conway-Long 

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