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Newcastle University’s Chris Haywood to Be Keynote Speaker at AMSA XXV

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Dr. Chris Haywood, Senior Lecturer in Arts and Culture at Newcastle University, UK, will deliver the keynote Femiano Lecture in Men’s Studies on Friday evening at the upcoming AMSA conference to be held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 31-April 2, 2017.  He will also serve as the Scholar in Residence.

The Femiano Lecture is an endowed lecture that invites individuals making significant contributions to the critical study of men and masculinities to challenge and engage AMSA conference participants.  It was established in honor of Dr. Sam Femiano, a co-founder and first President of the American Men’s Studies Association. This year’s conference, “Honor Our History, Imagining Our Future,” is AMSA’s 25th annual interdisciplinary conference.

Chris Haywood is currently Director of Research for the School of Arts and Cultures at Newcastle University. He has previously been Director of Teaching and Learning and Director of Postgraduate Studies. His main research interests focus on exploring the limits of theoretical and conceptual frameworks to explain and understand men and masculinities. He is currently working on examining how men negotiate different dating practices in the areas of speed dating, online dating, holiday romance, anonymous sex and mobile romance. Alongside this, he is also developing research in the field of men, risk and sexual health. His interests include cultural analyses of schooling and education. A key part of this work involves exploring the interplay between the institutionally-led discursive formation of identity categories and how those discourses are lived out. One area of current concern is to think about how schools, gender their pupils through age, racial and sexual categories.

For more information on Dr. Haywood and a list of his publications, click here.

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