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Thursday Pre-Conference Workshops and Activities Announced for AMSA XXV

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Pre-conference activities including workshops on Thursday, March 30th, 4:00-7:00 pm, for the American Men’s Studies Association’s Twenty-fifth Annual Meeting include a film and discussion, two workshops and a roundtable discussion for younger scholars. They are free, but the workshops require advanced registration.

The film and discussion, led by filmmaker David Quinto will view and discuss his new film: Father Unknown. Captured on a camera phone as it happened, this is the true story of a man’s struggle to face the emptiness he carries inside. Disconnected from the people closest to him and haunted by the secrecy in his family, he records his desperate search for connection on a journey with the father he’s never truly known. This endearing and universal story brings audiences along for the ride in real time on a deep and powerful journey, inspiring courageous conversations about the search for identity, the longing for connection in family relationships, the resilience of the human spirit, and the journey to heal the pain of the past. It will take place in the School of Social Work – Room 1636.

The first of two workshops is entitled “Intergenerational Man-to-Man Workshop: Lived Experience as Men” is facilitated by Professor Carol Watson-Phillips. It is based on Relational-Cultural Theory (RCT), and is a practical application of RCT’s premise that being in relationship or connection with others is the crux of growth for human beings. Male relationships are often fraught with communication roadblocks including generational differences, denying the reward of connection. Generational “gaps” can cause misunderstanding and estrangement. The workshop allows men to appreciate where they’ve been and what the future portends for their lives as relational beings. In this growth-fostering environment two groups 1.) Traditional & Baby Boomers and 2.) GenX’ers & Millennials a.) exchange perceptions the other generations’ strengths, b.) put forward what they most want to learn about the others’ lived experience as men, and c.) tender what they want the other to know about their lives as men in their generation. It will take place in the School of Social Work – Room ECC A.

The second of the two workshops is led by Professors Robert Heasley and Mark Justad and is entitled “Teaching Men’s Studies: Theories, Pedagogies, Resources” It is a pedagogical institute for those developing or already teaching courses with a substantial focus on men and masculinities. It is also for those teaching courses in gender studies wanting to extend their focus on men and masculinities. This workshop is designed for faculty and graduate students with a working knowledge of gender studies and feminist theory who want to develop or strengthen their knowledge base and skills related to teaching in the area of men and masculinities. Individuals from all disciplines are invited to attend this workshop. It will take place in the School of Social Work Room ECC B.

A Roundtable Discussion on “Publishing in Men’s Studies: Publish or Perish” led by Professors Jonathan Allan, Chris Haywood, and Frank Karioris is about helping people publish in the field of men’s studies. Common pitfalls, figuring out where to publish, and how to approach a university press will be discussed. The workshop will be aimed generally at junior scholars but all are welcome to attend. It will take place in the School of Social Work – Room 2609.

To register for a workshop, please email AMSA at with your name and the name of the workshop.

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