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AMSA Board Member Provides Historical Context to Chile’s Sodomy Law in Its Penal Code

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American Men’s Studies Association Board Member Álvaro Ojalvo, Assistant Professor at Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello in Santiago, Chile, has become the go-to scholar regularly to comment on the Chilean Penal Code’s designation of “sodomy” as a crime.  Article 365 in the Code that remains on the books establishes that it is a jailable offense for two men under 18 years old to have intercourse.

Two videos from the discussion are now available on You Tube on the channel “Poder Judicial” (Judicial Power). Ojalvo explains the historical context and the present debate about the designation of sodomy as a crime and why it remains a crime to practice same-sex intercourse in Chile.

Watch two videos here and here.

Professor Ojalvo teaches Latin America indigenous cultures. His research explores the historical construction of Latin American colonial and contemporary masculinities.

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