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AMSA Awards Steven Dashiell, University of Maryland Ph.D. Candidate, the 2017 Frankel Scholarship

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The American Men’s Studies Association at its Banquet of the 25th Annual Conference on Men and Masculinities in Ann Arbor, Michigan on March 31, 2017 awarded the 2017 Loren Frankel Memorial Student Scholarship to Steven L. Dashiell, a Ph D. candidate in the Language, Literacy, and Culture Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. The award recognized Dashiell’s paper, which he presented at the conference, entitled: “Analysis of Masculine Discourse in Online Discussion of Male/Male Military Rape.”

Dashiell received his B.A. in Community Studies from the University ob Baltimore, and his M.A. in Applied Sociology from UMBC. His research interests include cultural interaction, social inequality, and sociolinguistics, particularly the development of culture around language, and the style shifting and code switching involved in group interactions, how subcultures develop their own internal methods of communication, class structure, and prestige, how the subcultures reinforce folkways and mores, and how they interact with mainstream culture when forced to do so.

More information on the Loren Frankel Memorial Scholarship.

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