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Santiago Museum Hosts AMSA Board Member Álvaro Ojalvo for Workshop on “Beyond Being a Man”

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The Museo Chileno de Arte Pre-Colombino in Santiago, Chile is hosting a workshop entitled “Beyond being a man: Masculinities in the pre-Columbian world,” led by Álvaro Ojalvo, ethno-historian and board member of the American Men’s Studies Association. The workshop will take place at the Museum on the afternoon of Saturday, November 18, 2017.

It is aimed at all people over 15 years of age interested in the history of masculinities and femininities (gender studies). The museum’s description reads: “Behave like a man!” and “You look like a little girl! “are phrases that are not alien to our daily lives and reflect how our society has defined masculinity as a single model to follow, remaining immovable in time. However, traveling to the past makes it possible to understand that masculinity is far from static and singular. Pre-Columbian history shows us that being a male breaks with prejudices and preconceived ideas that we all have about what the masculine means.

Following the workshop participants will view relevant pieces in the museum.

For more information, visit the Museum’s website.

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