Friday, December 15, 2017

The Femiano Lecture in Men’s Studies

The Samuel Femiano Men’s Studies Lecture Fund is an endowment created to support an invited Men’s Studies plenary lecture each year at AMSA’s Annual Men’s Studies Conference. This annual lecture will be titled “The Femiano Lecture in Men’s Studies.” The invited speaker, selected by the AMSA President in consultation with the Program Committee, is chosen because he or she is a scholar, teacher, author, clinician or practitioner whose work contributes substantially to the field of Men’s Studies.

The AMSA Board of Directors established an initial goal of $20,000 for this new speaker’s fund in 2010. Out of a deep respect and affection for Sam and in honor of his remarkable legacy of effective organizational stewardship, the Board of Directors also voted to make $5,000 available for this new fund in a dollar for dollar fund raising match (up to $5,000) contributed through April 30, 2010.

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Sam Femiano (1932-2009) was a founding member of AMSA and a mentor and friend to the Board and to those entering the field of Men’s Studies. As a therapist, Sam was a passionate supporter of developing a critical social discourse on men and masculinity. He served two terms as AMSA President and two terms as AMSA Treasurer & Secretary. He also held a seat as an elected member of the AMSA Board of Directors from 1991-2009. Sam contributed immeasurably to the development of AMSA and to its efforts to develop and sustain the critical study of men and masculinities in a rigorous, open-minded, inclusive and mutually supportive manner. This fund is established in honor of Sam and stands as a memorial for Sam and other individuals making significant contributions to the work of the American Men’s Studies Association.

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