Friday, December 15, 2017

AMSA Committees

Development Committee, Mark Justad, PhD, Chair

The Development Committee is responsible for recommending and implementing fundraising efforts for the betterment of AMSA.  Previous fundraising efforts have led to the establishment of two endowed funds, the Loren Frankel Scholarship and the Samuel Fermiano Men’s Studies Lecture Fund support our annual conference.

The 2013-2014 priority areas include:

  • Completing the $20,000 Femiano Scholarship Fund drive
  • Developing a strategy to secure funding or methods to generate income for AMSA.
  • Creation of an annual fundraising model and proposal document for the Inaugural AMSA Summer Men’s Studies Institute.

Individuals with relevant fundraising and development experience are encouraged to join this committee; however, all are welcome!

Conference Committee, Jeff Cohen, PhD, Chair

The conference committee is responsible for organizing the annual American Men’s Studies Association conference. In addition, we work in partnership with the Conference Site Coordinator to assist with conference logistics, such as registration, food, and lodging preparation. Other specific responsibilities include:

  • Identifying the conference theme.
  • Recommending conference keynote and scholar-in-residence speakers.
  • Soliciting and reviewing conference proposals.

Membership Committee, Don Conway-Long, PhD, Chair

The primary goal of the Membership Committee is to support the growth of the American Men’s Studies Association (AMSA) by recruiting and retaining members while providing valuable resources that will enrich and engage the AMSA body at large.

Other specific responsibilities include:

  • Updating and maintaining a current member database to include pertinent contact information.
  • Coordination of recruitment efforts.
  • Assisting with the development and distribution of AMSA publications and promotional materials.
  • Works in partnership with the AMSA Communications and Outreach Committees to encourage and promote AMSA membership recruitment and retention through innovative marketing and social media outlets.

Communications & Outreach Committee, Jamie Mitchell, PhD, Chair

The Outreach and Communication committee works with the Director of Outreach and Communication to identify opportunities to expand awareness of AMSA’s mission and activities, develop strategies to broaden and increase participation in the annual conference and social media, and to assist with the implementation of these strategies.

Publications Committee, Jeff Cohen, PhD, Chair

Programming & Education Committee, Shane Miller, PhD, Chair