Monday, January 22, 2018

AMSA Ambassador Initiative

WitneyHarrisThe Ambassador Initiative is part of the American Men’s Studies Association’s agenda to promote the critical study of masculinities globally and to explain AMSA’s philosophy in order to introduce countries outside the U.S. to AMSA and to raise awareness of the Association itself regarding how masculinities are defined and being studied in the world’s diverse societies.

It’s objectives are:

  1. Expand the knowledge of masculinities theories, practices, methodologies, and teaching methods around the world.
  2. Keep updated regarding how different countries develop men’s studies in their universities, organizations, governments, and other forums.
  3. Familiarize the Association with the organizations that work with masculinities and that coincide with AMSA’s philosophy.
  4. Represent AMSA through an ambassador to academic and other public or private organizations that analyze gender issues.

The mandates for AMSA Ambassadors currently are:

  1. Heasley and Yiu-tung SuenRepresent AMSA to local organizations: (1) that are engaged in studies of men and masculinities;
    and/or (2) that work with men;
    and (3) whose objectives and philosophy are similar to AMSA’s.
  2. Foster concrete collaboration between AMSA and these organizations, such as with publications, colloquia, participation in AMSA’s annual Conference, etc.
  3. Report to AMSA’s Board of Directors and Membership Committee regarding the state of men’s studies in the local area she/he belongs to: its organizations, theories, practices, public issues, and debates about men.
  4. Disseminate information regarding AMSA’s relevant expertise in her/his local area.
  5. Sensitize AMSA’s Board to international issues that are relevant to its own development.

For further information, contact Alvaro Ojalvo.