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The Loren Frankel Memorial Scholarship

Loren-FrankelThe Board of Directors of the American Men’s Studies Association established the Loren Frankel Student Scholarship Fund in 2005. The fund is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Loren Frankel, a young professor of psychology at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia who died tragically in an automobile accident in 2004. Dr. Frankel was known as an inspiring teacher, an accomplished scholar, and a respected colleague. He presented several papers on adolescent sexuality and male heterosexual identity at AMSA’s annual conferences.
The Scholarship Fund supports students engaged in the critical study of men and masculinities like Dr. Frankel. It provides up to $500 each year to a qualified student or students attending and presenting at the annual AMSA Men’s Studies Conference.

Application Information

Graduate and undergraduate students accepted to present a paper or poster project at the annual AMSA conference are eligible for the award.  In the case of multiple authors, the applicant should indicate that s/he is responsible for at least 50% of the project being presented.  Those interested in applying should submit a one to two page document that includes: brief biographical information, the title and abstract of the paper or poster accepted for presentation at the AMSA conference, and a paragraph describing the importance of their project to their professional and intellectual development.  The committee will evaluate applications on content, quality, and the student’s potential for making a contribution to the field of men’s studies.

Applications can be emailed to The Loren Frankel Student Scholarship Fund.  Please include “Frankel Scholarship Application” in the email subject line.

The deadline for 2018 Loren Frankel Scholarship applications for students planning to present a paper at the 2017 AMSA conference is February 1, 2018. Announcement of the award will be made February 20, 2018.

Questions regarding the scholarship can be directed to the Frankel Scholarship Committee, Dr.Mark Justad.

Loren Frankel Scholars

The 2017 Loren Frankel Scholarship was awarded by AMSA at the 2017 Annual Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan to Steven L. Dashiell, a Language, Literacy and Culture Ph.D. candidate at the University of Maryland – Baltimore County, who presented the paper: “Analysis of Masculinity Constructions and Performances in New Media.”

Shakeisha WilsonThe 2016 Loren Frankel Scholarship was awarded by AMSA at the 2016 Annual Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan to Shakeisha Wilson, a Commonwealth Development Scholar pursuing full-time doctoral studies at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, who presented the paper: “Challenging, reconciling and renegotiating masculinity in the context of ARV treatment for HIV positive men in Jamaica.”

MosawiNardiniThe 2015 Loren Frankel Scholarships were awarded by AMSA at the 2015 Annual Conference in New York, New York to Krizia Nardini, PhD Candidate at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona and Utrecht University, who presented the paper: “Men’s Mobilizations for Gender Justice: Thinking Through G/Local Strategies and Challenges Starting from the Italian and SpanishCases;” and Sayed Mahdi Mosawi, a Ph.D. candidate at Hacettepe University of Turkey who presented the paper: “‘Gender Neither Ours Nor From Our Culture, West Countries Brought It To Us’ Challenges of Engaging Afghan Men in Gender Equality: A Case Study in Kabul, Afghanistan.”

2014a 2014b 2014cThe 2014 Loren Frankel Scholarships were awarded by AMSA at the 2014 Annual Conference Annual Meeting in Tacoma, Washington to Markus Gerke, doctoral student in Sociology at Stony Brook University, who presented the paper: “Appropriation of Feminist Rhetoric in the Panic about Boy’s Education;” Michael J. Goebel, doctoral candidate in Cultural Studies at George Mason and Iowa State Universities, who presented the paper: “Beached White Male: Imperiled Masculinity in the Great Recession;” and Nicholas Marino, doctoral candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at Purdue University. who presented the paper: “Masculinity: The Writing Classroom and the Interdisciplinary Study of Men and Masculinity.”

YamashitaThumbThe 2013 Loren Frankel Scholarship was awarded by AMSA at the 2013 Annual Conference Dinner in Ann Arbor, Michigan to Jeffrey T. Yamashita of the University of California, Berkeley. Yamashita’s paper was entitled “Contesting Asian Settler Colonialism: Gendering the Native Hawai’ian Sovereignty Movement through Sudden Rush’s Era (2006).”

The 2012 Loren Frankel Scholarship was awarded by AMSA at the 2012 Annual Conference banquet in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Mary Manning, a doctoral Candidate and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Art History at Rutgers University.  Manning’s paper was entitled “Monet’s Vulnerable Masculinity in Frederic Bazille’s ‘The Improvised Field Hospital.'”

The 2011 Loren Frankel Scholarship was awarded by AMSA at the 2011 Annual Conference banquet in Kansas City, Missouri to Justine Johnson, a graduate student in the Gender and Women’s Studies Department at Minnesota State University at Mankato.  Johnson’s paper was entitled “Hegan: The Emergence of a New Male Vegan.”

The 2010 Loren Frankel Scholarship was awarded by AMSA at the 2010 Annual Conference Friday luncheon to Ryan Farnkopf, a graduate student at European University. Farnkopf’s paper was entitled “A Performance of Authenticity: Masculinity and ‘Forgiveness’ in 21st Century Presidential Politics.”

The 2009 Loren Frankel Scholarship was awarded by AMSA at the 2009 Annual Conference Banquet in Montréal, Canada to Yiu-tung Suen, a doctoral student in Sociology at St. Antony’s College of Oxford University. The title of his paper was: “The Invisible Older Men’s Bodies: a Review and Ways Ahead.”

The 2008 Loren Frankel Scholarship was awarded by AMSA at the 2008 Annual Conference Banquet in Winston-Salem, NC, to Chien-Chen Kung, a doctoral student in the Educational Leadership and Policy Department at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York. He is in the Social and Philosophical Foundations Program with a concentration in the Sociology of Education. His paper was titled: “Masculinities and leisure: The middle age men’s car culture of American white working class.” Kung grew up in a fishing family in a rural town in Taiwan and has been a certificated art teacher for two years (1996; 1999) in an elementary school of a working-class area of Taipei County, Taiwan.

The 2007 Loren Frankel Scholarships were awarded by AMSA to two students: Paola Ehrmantraut and Keith Frazee at the 2007 Annual Conference Banquet in Kansas City, Missouri. Paola Ehrmantraut is a graduate student in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Washington University in St. Louis. The title of her conference presentation was: “Fuckland: Traces of Nationalism, Gender and Violence in Democratic Argentina.” Keith Frazee is a graduate student at the University of Missouri at Columbia. The title of his conference presentation was: “Male College Students & How the University Can Help Turn Them into Men”.

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