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AMSA Board Member Conway-Long: We Need to Discuss the Relationship of Masculinity and Violence

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Professor of Anthropology at Webster University and Board Member of the American Men’s Studies Association, Don Conway-Long, in an article titled “The Violence Behind the Words ‘Be A Man’” argues that: “We say that violence is a bad thing, and yet our culture lives and thrives on it.” The February 2nd article on goes […]

“Focus on Fathers” Conference at University of Wroclaw – Call for Papers

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The University of Wroclaw, Poland will host an international interdisciplinary conference titled “Focus on Fathers. Fatherhood in Contemporary Discourse,” which will be held at the Institute of English Studies, University of Wroclaw, Poland September 4-5, 2015. The conference aims to explore the plethora of father figures present in literature, film, television series, video games, social […]

On Point’s “Misogyny And Murder” Program Features Robert Heasley

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On May 28, 2014, National Public Radio’s “On Point” interviewed former American Men’s Studies Association President, Robert Heasley to discuss “Misogyny and Murder: Unpacking a Killing in California.” Heasley is Professor of Sociology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. What’s in a killer’s heart? We know in the case of the May 23, 2014 Santa Barbara […]

AMSA’s President, Daphne Watkins Talks About Men’s Studies on NPR’s “Tell Me More”

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Professor Daphne Watkins, current President of the American Men’s Studies Association, was interviewed April 24, 2014 on National Public Radio’s “Tell Me More” by host Michel Martin. Martin’s interview begins: “If you’ve been on a university campus lately, you’ve probably heard about women’s studies. But what about men’s studies? It might surprise you to know […]

“The Feminist Wire” Website Takes a Week-Long Look at Masculinities

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The Feminist Wire, a website dedicated to pro-feminist thought, culture, discussion, and politics, is taking a week long  look at masculinities March 10-16, 2013. Of particular critical interest to the website are social and political phenomena that block, negate, or limit the satisfaction of goods or ends that humans, especially the most vulnerable, minimally require […]

Mark Justad – Limbaugh and the Usual Misogyny

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There is, I suppose, a modicum of satisfaction to be had in seeing Rush Limbaugh being criticized — and seeing the criticism “stick” — by voices on the left and the right for his slanderous and offensive ad hominem attack on Sandra Fluke.  Of course we all know that offending is his schtick, his MO, […]

Video: Masculinity in Disney Films

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In 2007, Sanjay Newton, a 34 year-old filmmaker as an Inequality Project, produced a 7 minute film “Sexism, Strength and Dominance: Masculinity in Disney Films.” Watch it online. What do you think?